Friday, July 29, 2011

Earn money online 100%

Earn money online 

( LNK &ADF links are fixed and working now--- updated on 14/09/2014  )

After trying so many fake and scam full  online money making site ..i found only limited site which really give away money . making money online is really hard for fresher's because its gonna take so much hard work in starting . guy's the site which promise you to pay  2-200 $/Euro per click are all fake ..they never gonna give you anything .you can able to see the amount in your account but always your  withdrawal will be in pending status.guy's now i am sharing  some important tips  which will teach you how to earn money  if you are beginner  .

1) Make some blog ( but create only  interesting  blog  )  - click here 

2) Do some research  find more precious information .

3) if you have some data ,file,video,audio ,txt file ..or any kind of file which you want to share  . open account in  ZIDDU  .upload your file there ..after uploading file you will get the  link ( link gonna be bit long ) so make it short  with     LNK   OR     ADF      ( by this step you can earn money quickly 1st . by uploading file in ziddu and 2nd  through  short url link )

4) if your blog is ready  ..make short video and upload it in YouTube  and share it with world . or submit your blog or website in multiple search engine 

5)  if you start getting more then 100 unique visitor daily then can earn money by clicksor  it is same like google adsense but here you will earn more compare to google adsense  or you can join both and earn money quickly 

6) now when everything is done account in paypal  and collect your earning .

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

 Guy's be active , 85% of the people just lost interest because this process take bit longer as it seem . but i am sure if you will be active you can earn $ 50/100/500$  per month or even more everything depend on you . for  " LNK " and "ADF" you have to share some downloading or website short  links ..or some link which other people will open ..because if they visit your link then only you get the payment .for every 1000 visitor you will get  5$ .and the other benefit is , if you referre  some friend then you will get 10-20 % profit  on every earning your referred friends  make life long .suppose you referred your 2 friend  and they  have some blog or site ..they are earning 100$ per week or per month then you will get 10 $ to 20 $ automatically .if they earn 1000$ then you will get 1004 to 200$ won't have to do anything ..

some tips :- suppose if you found some interesting software online  .  you make that downloading software link to some short URL with the help of LNK or ADF   and then share it with people . the best way to share your product according to me is ..make some YouTube video  . so it will attract people ..and then in the place of description write down the short URL . so whenever the people visit that downloading page you will get paid . in LNK the  money withdrawal  take 1 week time , and in ADF it will take 1 month time .

 1) The referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive

20% of their earnings for life! -- click here to get registered

Referral Program - 20% Earnings FOR LIFE
The referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive
20% of their earnings for life!  --click here to get registered 

2)Referrals are by far the easiest way to make more money on Lnk. You just have to get a friend or two (or many more!) to visit your referral link, sign up, and start using the site. You'll get 10% of their earnings without doing any more work! -- click here to get registered 

3) iPANEL IN:- This is really nice website with so many indian user can earn by taking online survey and also telling your friends . click here 

    wish you all happy earning !! 

some proof if all the above site really make you earn money 

Following people register  from the link which i shared and here is the proof of there earning (changed there referral id  ;)   here is my referral id   - click have fun guys.. happy earning !!!
Join Date                            Referral ID  Earned               Commission
2012-09-30 14:26:40 ADFLY2535 $125.97983     $25.19597 
2013-03-29 07:10:25 ADFLY37         $102.60765     $20.52153 
2011-11-07 18:14:20 ADFLY105 $49.13107     $9.82621 
2011-11-10 06:38:37 ADFLY106 $30.45940     $6.09188 
2011-10-02 19:02:08 ADFLY924 $26.42340     $5.28468
2012-07-11 05:45:16 ADFLY212 $4.75980             $0.95196 
2012-07-03 09:27:06 ADFLY208 $4.45510       $0.89102 
2013-08-08 04:42:43 ADFLY481 $3.03963     $0.60793 
2011-10-18 09:37:32 ADFLY98         $1.88801       $0.37760 
2012-08-11 12:30:45 ADFLY229 $1.02163             $0.20433 
2012-10-07 07:28:21 ADFLY2569 $0.83050           $0.16610 
2012-06-21 07:12:13 ADFLY2016 $0.81263             $0.16253
2013-04-29 05:41:26 ADFLY3982 $0.55594       $0.11119 
2012-07-01 02:48:21 ADFLY20         $0.38815             $0.07763 
2012-10-22 02:59:24 ADFLY264 $0.35318       $0.07064 
2012-12-07 06:06:39 ADFLY289 $0.33064             $0.06613 
2012-02-03 03:42:09 ADFLY1384 $0.27660     $0.05532 
2012-07-24 08:55:56 ADFLY2200 $0.19114     $0.03823 
2011-10-12 09:49:09 ADFLY960 $0.14916     $0.02983 
2012-08-22 07:53:44 ADFLY2348 $0.11485             $0.02297 
2013-03-25 21:08:59 ADFLY3692 $0.11079             $0.02216 
2012-08-21 13:23:00 ADFLY2344 $0.10806     $0.02161 
2014-07-30 16:05:56 ADFLY7443 $0.09021     $0.01804 
2012-06-26 03:04:15 ADFLY2042 $0.07705     $0.01541 
2011-11-18 21:15:45 ADFLY1100 $0.06861     $0.01372 
2012-08-06 17:56:14 ADFLY2272 $0.06737             $0.01347
2012-10-27 09:53:56 ADFLY267 $0.05918     $0.01184 
2012-11-24 17:23:13 ADFLY28         $0.05114             $0.01023 
2011-11-06 14:37:37 ADFLY1055 $0.04951             $0.00990 
2012-10-04 02:49:29 ADFLY2553 $0.04750     $0.00950 
2013-02-17 06:48:13 ADFLY3362 $0.04415     $0.00883 
2012-07-04 11:17:48 ADFLY2086 $0.02818             $0.00564 
2012-07-18 11:41:14 ADFLY2168 $0.02761             $0.00552 
2012-05-26 09:13:14 ADFLY1890 $0.02564     $0.00513 
2011-12-12 17:56:59 ADFLY1187 $0.02472     $0.00494 
2012-05-03 18:32:26 ADFLY178 $0.02306             $0.00461 
2013-04-05 16:03:03 ADFLY3774 $0.02259             $0.00452 
2012-07-26 14:33:12 ADFLY2212 $0.02086             $0.00417 
2012-08-19 14:43:45 ADFLY233 $0.01973             $0.00395 
2012-10-22 08:18:58 ADFLY2650 $0.01966     $0.00393 
2012-10-20 12:08:51 ADFLY2639 $0.01963     $0.00393 
2013-02-02 10:37:32 ADFLY322 $0.01937             $0.00387 
2012-08-22 04:09:20 ADFLY234 $0.01845             $0.00369 
2013-01-08 18:41:16 ADFLY3060 $0.01826     $0.00365 
2012-01-16 16:13:38 ADFLY1313 $0.01248             $0.00250
2012-08-10 18:41:16 ADFLY229 $0.01226             $0.00245 
2013-08-24 15:10:28 ADFLY494 $0.01211     $0.00242 
2013-02-04 21:19:46 ADFLY3248 $0.01167             $0.00233 
2013-01-18 00:11:06 ADFLY3104 $0.01115     $0.00223
2012-09-19 11:16:32 ADFLY2478 $0.00860             $0.00172 
                     Total:                                                        $70.97955 ( its my earning by referral )


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