Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top free hacking software

1000 hacking tutorials +tips

Hello Friends !! Hacking is a smart technique if you really know it.. By reading this article you may surely going to cross beginner level in hacking, so i called you a hacker in advance…..

In this internet world many user have unconditional thirst to become an hacker (or) HERO of this competative industry..

This is the amazing tutor for those who have thirst to bcome a hacker….

Just download this file and practice the trick given in this daily at your home. This will surely improve your knowledge & also your
hacking skills

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TOP 10 vital hacking software and tools

Top 10 Vital Hacking Software and Tools | 23.6 MB

The collection contains the most necessary programs and utilities for the hacker. All is presented in a convenient environment with background music.

Contains a following software:
- Cain and Abel (sniffer)
- John the Ripper (powerful brootforce)
- NetStumbler (allows to define radius of action of network WiFi - in real time for the diagram it is possible to see size of a useful signal)
- Nmap (one of the best network scanner)
- Putty (a quite good telnet the client)
- SuperScan (powerful scanner TCP of ports, pinger and hostname resolver)
- Hping (allows to generate special ICMP/UDP/TCP packages and to look through answers ping a host in style of the usual utility ping)
- Lcp (audit and restoration of passwords Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003)
- Nikto (perl the scanner broken Web a server, with support SSL)
- Kismet (sniffer a wireless network 802.11 and the decoder of packages)

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Track anyone Just by sendin mail

Well u wanna track ur victim or want to get his ip, location, browser settings, language or timings…. all u have to do is get his e-mail id…
Once u have it.
Go to
register there…
Once registered . . . send a mail to ur victim by the email id u registered at
But before sending the mail just add “” with the victims id.. for example
and then send it…
when ever victim opens it his all the info will be mailed to u.
which can b very useful for the hackers.
Note = U can also change the settings in

You can cheak it I m not sure its working or not ..


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